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As the best spot in Texas for axis deer hunts, Lazy CK Ranch consistently provides hunters with an unrivaled experience!

Creating guided hunts that are incomparable to others is what we do best. By working with Tom Miranda, American bowhunter and trapped, we are confident in our hunts. Lazy CK Ranch offers our guests an impressive variety of game animals like axis deer. Not only is the range of animals wide, so is the land! With 7,000 acres spread out within the alluring Texas Hill Country, our ranch is easy on the eyes, too.

If you don’t know a lot about the species for your axis deer hunts, no worries! Our guided hunts are for newbies and veterans alike. The axis deer is originally a native of the Indian subcontinent. Many consider it to be among the most breathtaking of deer, sporting a dazzling reddish coat with distinct rows of white spots. Simple, although large, the antlers of the males generally only have three points. While adult male axis deer can weigh up to 200 pounds, females only weigh 35% less of that!

For axis deer hunts, your best bet is to stalk during the day! Axis deer are much more active by day rather than at night. With most activity happening anywhere between two to three hours after dawn, and again before dark, these time periods are your best bet. With a love to socialize, you will typically find large herds during axis deer hunts. Since they will scream once alarmed, even the best hunters need to practice great aim. You don’t want to miss one shot and completely lose the target! Axis deer are extremely graceful animals, even at high speed, making it tricky for hunters to receive a good shot. Being a very curious species, you can get lucky as they are drawn closer to hunters. Don’t miss this ideal time to get a shot!

The perfect place to test, hone, and explore your skills with guided axis deer hunts, Lazy CK Ranch is the place you have always dreamed of. Book your hunt today!

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    Why Lazy CK Ranch?

    • Luxurious 5 Star Lodge
    • 7 K acres
    • Lots of Axis, many over 30 inches.
    • Offering many different hunting styles;Β  Blind, Safari Style, & More!
    • Hard horn in May/June

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