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Well known for their Axis Hunts in Texas, the Lazy CK Ranch has plenty of opportunities for hunters looking for their next exotic trophy. With a strong number of animals on over 7 thousand acres of land, many of the Axis on the ranch measure around the 30″ in height.

The Axis deer have a reddish brown and or brown colored coat. Their coat is covered with white spots with a black stripe running along the back. Their distinctive spots run lengthwise in rows and remain for their entire life. These spots are brighter on adults Axis deer than on fawns. Their belly, inner legs, ears, and underneath the tail are white. They also display a large white patch on the throat which is more easily seen in males. Males are also usually darker than females and have black facial markings. Males are larger standing at 29 to 39 inches tall and weighing from 150 to 250 pounds. While females reach only 26 to 33 inches tall. However, the females weigh quite a bit less than males ranging from 90 to 150 pounds.

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  • Special Pricing for Groups of 8 or More

May 1st through July 15th

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May 24th – May 30th is booked for Tom Miranda
June 25th – June 28th booked for Larry Weishuhn

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Why Lazy CK Ranch?

  • Luxurious 5 Star Lodge
  • 7 K acres
  • Lots of Axis, many over 30 inches.
  • Offering many different hunting styles;  Blind, Safari Style, & More!
  • Hard horn in May/June

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