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Fallow Deer Hunts

Do you consider yourself a big game hunter? Are you currently planning your fallow deer hunts? Allow Lazy CK Ranch to assist you with one of our guided hunts! With a wide array of exotic game for hunters to pursue, we invite guests to hunt a vast range of animals. Boasting 7000 acres of breathtaking Texas Hill Country at your fingertips, where to plan your fallow deer hunts has never been more obvious!

With passionate guides leading you through our fallow deer hunts, Lazy CK Ranch ensures that you will have a successful hunt.

There is no such thing as “too much” knowledge!

If you are a newbie or a veteran, it is certainly never a bad idea to do your research. In other words, you can never have enough information and knowledge. Fallow deer are a common species native to Europe, though they can be found around the world today, even in the United States. Typically, the come in three color phases: white, chocolate and spotted. When on fallow deer hunts, you’re likely to find them in open grassy areas where they feed on green grass early in the morning or right before the sun goes down. Fallow deer will strip bark from trees when grasses are hard to find. They tend to rest (and hide from danger) in wooded areas.

Scent and Appearance

Fallow deer, like many animals, are sensitive to scents.  You don’t want to set them off early on! On the day of your hunt, bathing with a scentless shampoo and soap is certainly ideal. Making sure that the clothing you hunt in is free of your scent is beneficial to everyone around you!

Not only does smell matter during fallow deer hunts, so does your appearance! In other words, what you are wearing matters. Although it is important to make sure that your hunting gear will keep you comfortable, pay attention to the colors and shades you wear. During hunts, it is ideal to wear green or camo clothing. These colors ensure that your target doesn’t spot you before you spot them. It may not be your first thought but wearing the right footwear can certainly be essential, especially if you have to spot and stalk. Wearing boots that have a flexible sole and are lightweight will certainly help you move quietly and swiftly among the terrain.

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    Bow hunting fallow deer Texas

    Why Lazy CK Ranch?

    • Luxurious 5 Star Lodge
    • 7 K acres
    • Lots of Axis, many over 30 inches.
    • Offering many different hunting styles;  Blind, Safari Style, & More!
    • Hard horn in May/June


    Having the proper gear during fallow deer hunts is certainly key to having a good hunt. You should always properly equip yourself before any adventure! Choosing the right equipment such as a rifle or bow is a basic essential. Not only this, but you can easily rely on several other useful gadgets. One example would be binoculars to allow you to view what is normally beyond your sight!

    There are many reasons to experience fallow deer hunts in Texas. While they might not be the largest or fastest deer to hunt, their antlers are certainly impressive and elegant. They also look great mounted on the wall! Not only will you have the impressive antlers, you’ll certainly have the venison meat as well.

    Carefully designed to allow hunters to achieve success in fallow deer hunts, Lazy CK curates guided hunts for veterans and newbies alike. So, what are you waiting for? In other words, book a trip today!

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