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Hunting & Bonding

From the clan hunts of prehistoric times, up through the royal hunting expeditions led by pharaohs, kings and princes, and into the era of the big game hunter safaris, a hunt has been more than a search for food and a quest for trophies. The hunt has also been about building bonds and cultivating a sense of community.


Few experiences bring and bind a group together more intensely — and more effectively — than those shared in the challenge and the excitement of the hunt. Here at the Lazy CK Whitetail & Exotic Hunting Ranch, we understand what that feels like. What’s more, we’re eager to share that feeling with you, your friends, your family, your employees and your clients.


Group hunting trips in Texas


Many hunters rarely get to go out into the woods for more than a day or two (at most) at a time. Moreover, they often do so alone, and in some location just a few hours or a day’s drive from home. Many hunters are lucky if they even track or see a deer, let alone get a shot at it.


But, at Lazy CK Ranch, we offer over 7,000 acres of prime West Texas Hill Country hunting ground, all of it packed with vast numbers of exotic deer, sheep, turkey, elk, wildebeest and more, all of which are bred and managed in a humane and healthy environment.


Our hunting experts will help make sure you find and track your trophy animal, and they’ll do their best to help you set up the shot. They’ll also do the same for everyone else in your party. By working together and coming together to fully cooperate and experience all that teamwork can accomplish, we’re committed to ensuring the success of your organized group hunt.


Lazy CK Ranch hosts year-round group hunting trips


At Lazy CK, we understand what it is about a hunt that helps bind a team, a group, a company or a family. We offer the best group hunting trips in Texas and have years of experience in organizing corporate retreats for hunters no matter the season.


We also understand that a hunting trip is not just about trekking through the trees, or roughing it along the rocky ridges — the experience is also about what happens after the sun goes down, the weapons are secured, and the campfires are lit. We offer a wide variety of evening options to help co-workers, clients, friends or family members bond over exquisite Texas cuisine, all while relaxing in comfortable and quiet surroundings.


Our grand lodge and cozy log cabins have a rustic charm that masks their modern comforts and amenities, including private baths and air conditioning. Our chefs set a table as elegant as the finest restaurants. We even have a game room with pool tables, and, for a celebratory toast (or two), a full-service bar. Spring, summer, winter or fall, we make sure your hunting party enjoys all the comforts of home away from home.


Book your group hunting trip, bachelor party hunting trip or organized group hunt at Lazy CK Ranch


When it comes to corporate retreats for hunters and other group hunting trips, no other destination can equal Lazy CK Ranch. Our grounds feature fully stocked ponds and a four-acre bass lake for fisherman. You can also improve your aim at our shotgun clay, pistol and other ranges for target shooters. And, once you’re ready, you can explore the thousands of acres of fenced-in West Texas Hill Country and hunt exotic trophy animals.


In other words, whatever the members of your party want to do in the great outdoors, they can do it at Lazy CK Ranch. We also know that bonds are best built over time and without needless outside distraction. That’s why group hunting trips here can last several days — and nights — and all without the annoying intrusion of cell phones and other screens (if so desired).


Get back to nature. Get back to your roots. Get back to getting to know the people who matter in your life. Few experiences bring people together like the exhilaration of the hunt. Come on down to the West Texas Hill Country, bring your friends, family, co-workers and clients, and strengthen the ties that bind at the place that offers the most exceptional group hunting trips in Texas — the Lazy CK Whitetail & Exotic Hunting Ranch.

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