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Questions you should ask a hunting ranch before booking

At Lazy CK Ranch, we know that choosing a ranch for your upcoming hunting trip is a big decision, and you should have plenty of information before you pull the trigger on booking. A hunting ranch is responsible for not only your hunting experience but also everything that goes along with it — including your safety.

Whether you want to hunt with your family and friends or you’re trying to woo a client, you should rest assured knowing that your visit to a Texas hunting ranch is under control. Read on to find out the questions you should ask a hunting ranch before booking.

What are the game populations?

It’s crucial to know what you’re going to be hunting. If you’re looking for an exotic hunt but the ranch only has whitetails, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. It’s much better to find out this information beforehand.

What are the rates?

You’ll want to learn about the base price to stay at the ranch, but also the supplemental fees. There can be trophy fees and, depending on the size of your group, a need for a second guide. Different hunting ranches cover different things in their pricing, so you’ll want to hash out exactly what you’ll be paying beforehand.

What is the size of the ranch?

The ranch’s size will directly impact your hunting experience, so make sure the property has ample acreage. The size of the property can also indicate the ranch’s wildlife variety.

What permits do I need?

You don’t want to show up without the proper permits. Check to ensure you have all the correct licenses and documentation.

What is the dining like?

After a long day on the hunt, eating a delicious, home-cooked meal is the perfect way to recover and reminisce about your exciting day. Conversely, you’ll be pretty disappointed if you receive an underwhelming meal after you’ve spent several hours tracking and hunting exotic game.

What are the accommodations?

Just as with dining, you’ll want to have a good idea of where you’ll be sleeping and recuperating. A comfortable cabin is entirely different from a tent, and you don’t want any surprises after you’ve spent the effort, time and money booking a hunting ranch.

Lazy CK Ranch can answer all these questions and any more you might have. We offer more amenities, better lodging, numerous hunts and more lifelong experiences than other ranches. Contact us today to learn about all we have to offer.

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