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Best Camo for Texas Hunting Trips

Choosing the right camo for your next hunting trip can be overwhelming. There are seemingly endless patterns, colors and depths of field. However, if you can keep a few key things in mind, you’ll soon become an expert in picking the perfect camouflage for your next hunt.

Lazy CK Ranch is known for our fantastic Texas hunting trips, and over the years, we’ve become experts in all things related to hunting in the Lone Star State, so keep reading to learn about what you need to consider when choosing the most effective form of camo for your hunting trip in Texas.

What will you be hunting?

The species you plan to hunt should determine the type of camo you wear. If you’re hunting wild turkey, you’ll want to be entirely concealed, as they have fantastic eyesight. Opt for patterns with lots of green and shadows so that you’ll blend into the surrounding landscape as entirely as possible. Also, be sure to camouflage your face and hands. This may seem like a lot of hassle, but being completely concealed is absolutely worth it.

When you’re hunting deer or other big game, you won’t have to worry quite as much about becoming completely camouflaged. Larger species typically have limited color perception, but they can still see silhouettes. With this in mind, you’ll want camouflage that will help you naturally blend into your surroundings. The camo you wear should emphasize things like leaves, branches or specific terrain.

Where will you be hunting?

It’s essential that your camo choice is based on the terrain of the region in which you’ll be hunting. In Texas, hunting areas are often filled with layered and lush vegetation. There are lots of trees, leaves, brush and branches, and your camouflage needs to reflect that.  

Types of camo

There are a few ways to break down specific types of camouflage. The most common types of camo are mimicry, breakup and three dimensional. Mimicry tries to match the background colors of your hunting area. While this may seem advantageous in theory, as you move around, you’ll probably enter differently colored backdrops, which will render your mimicry camo useless. Additionally, mimicry camo only really works for a limited amount of time. If there’s a cold snap and leaves grow darker, your camouflage that was initially chosen to account for lighter leaves becomes pretty useless.

Breakup camo, like its name suggests, attempts to break up your outline. Most of the animals you’ll be hunting in Texas won’t have great vision and won’t be able to perceive you if there’s no discernable outline.

3D camo utilizes actual leaves and branches as part of the camouflage. This is an excellent choice, as it will truly make you look like part of your surroundings. However, it can be quite cumbersome, and if you need to move around a lot, it can become caught on objects. 3D camo is an excellent choice if you’ll mostly remain stationary.

Overall, there’s a lot to consider when choosing camo for your Texas hunting trip. If you’re ever unsure about what to pick, go pick out several types of camouflage and set them down in terrain similar to where you’ll be hunting. Move back about 100 yards and see which kind blends in the best. If you have any questions, contact Lazy CK Ranch and book an unforgettable hunting trip today.

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