Tom Miranda Hunt Camp Texas

The Only Texas Exotic Outfitter Specifically For Bowhunters

The Lazy CK Ranch welcomes the opportunity to be chosen as Tom Miranda’s Bow Camp here in Texas. With the Bow Camp we offer a fantastic alternative to hunt a wide range of exotic species and of course Texas Trophy Whitetails.

The Texas Hill Country is well known for fantastic trophy whitetail deer hunting, our brushy flora and semi arid climate creates excellent habitat for big game hunting.

Hunt while Tom is in camp from October 30th-November 4th!

Introducing the Tom Miranda Bow Hunting Camp at the Lazy CK Ranch. During two separate camps each year, Mr. Miranda will be at the Lazy CK filming for his tv show Territories Wild on the Outdoor Channel. Not only will the guests get to join Tom at meal time, they will also get some signed Miranda memorabilia. For the guests that are lucky enough to be in camp while he is, he will also do some instructional type videos and teaching seminars on shot placements and bow techniques. After all the fun of a day of hunting with Mr. Miranda is over, the guests will join Tom around the camp fire for a cold beverage and some stories about his adventures over his 30+ year career as a bow hunter.  Learn more by clicking the button below!

Group Event Activities

This camp will be a place where people (Like Tom himself) can harvest the “Introduced Animals of North America” list for the SCI awards.  Along with that comes some amazing benefits of hunting here.

  • Tom and his PH (Professional Hunter) from Africa have direct input into the sites and stand placements
  • Tom is leaving his PH here for a month to make sure the bow camp is set up correctly for optimum success
  • The best bow hunting ranch in the state of Texas
Tom Miranda Bow Hunting Safari
Tom Miranda Grant's Gazelle Lazy CK

Trophy Texas Hunts Designed for Bowhunters

The Lazy Ck Ranch and Tom Miranda have designed these hunts specifically for bowhunters to work on achieving SCI’s Introduced animals of North America milestone. Hunters now have the opportunity to hunt Tom Miranda’s favorite stands, or even book a hunt with Tom.

Throughout the season Tom Miranda will give seminars and offer advice on bowhunting. Often you may catch yourself sitting around the dinner table chatting of the days adventures that Tom Miranda had on some of his world class adventures. Other great opportunities include father & son groups, nothing more memorable than taking part in a your adventure with a family member, plus you may just end up on one of Tom Miranda’s Outdoor Channel TV episodes..

On our Texas Hunting Ranch, we have 5 rustic cabins, 1 private fully furnished home, and 3 bunkhouses. and all the amenities to make you feel right at home. Our cabins are private and air conditioned, wifi and day rates include all meals. All you have to worry about is showing up with your bow and arrow for a great time! Tom Miranda’s Bow Camp is certainly something you don’t want to miss!

Tom Miranda Bow Hunting Safari

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