Tom Miranda's Bowhunting Camp

The Tom Miranda Bowhunting Camp began quite some time ago on an entirely different continent. Way back when, in 1998, Tom Miranda went on his first African bow hunt. He was so amazed by the scenery, the wildlife, and the hunting, that he has been there every year since. In 2003, Tom met Professional Hunter, Zak Grobler, and they clicked immediately. Two years later Tom and Zak opened the first Tom Miranda Bowhunting Camp in South Africa. Tom’s idea was that having his own camp would allow him to make the absolute best African hunting adventure shows. This would allow hunters to come to Africa and have the personal experience of hunting with him. At the time that this little blurb was written, Tom has been to Africa 48 times. He has hunted with his newfound, and now long-time, friend Zak Mozambique, Zambia, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. His hunting camp there still exists today and is more popular than ever.

Tom Miranda Bow Camp
Lazy CK Ranch

Fast forward to 2017, Tom was working to complete the Safari Club Conservation Award, which is SCI’s highest hunting accomplishment, and needed to harvest several exotic animals that can be found in Texas. On a recommendation from a friend, Tom visited the Lazy CK Ranch in Mountain Home, TX. The ranch was large, lush, and had amazing hunting. At the time, it was primarily rifle hunting. Tom is the “Adventure Bowhunter” and he knew what to do. Another edition of the Tom Miranda Bowhunting Camp was to be born. After talking with the owners and Ranch Manager, Allen Robinson, Tom suggested that they take a part of the huge ranch and set it up as a bowhunting only area. This is the beginning of how the Tom Miranda Bowhunting Camp – Texas “Hill Country” was born.

Tom reached out to old pal, Zak Grobler, and asked him to come over from Africa to work with him on setting up the ranch like they did in Africa and he agreed. Today, the Tom Miranda Bowhunting Camp – Texas “Hill Country” at the Lazy CK Ranch is likely the best bowhunting option for exotic game in Texas. The well-hidden blinds, strategically placed stands, quiet atmosphere, and sheer abundance of game make each sit at the Tom Miranda Texas Bowhunting Camp action packed! With nearly 20 species of game, you just never know what you’ll see – and within bow range, no less!

Dining Room at Lazy CK Ranch
TQ at Lazy CK Ranch

The Tom Miranda Bowhunting Camp – Texas “Hill Country” has two “Hunt with Tom” events. One in takes place in the Spring, and the other, in the Fall. Tom is in camp for the entire 5 day – 4 night camp and participants get a chance to spend time with Tom in a variety of venues. Camp has a limit of 8 hunters, so the experience is able to be extremely personal. While participating in the camp, hunters are able to chat with Tom on the shooting range while asking for advice and getting tips. Tom joins everyone for meals and spends time in the lodge with everyone after dinner. One evening Tom will also do a seminar so guests will have a great learning experience. Each participants leaves camp with free Tom Miranda and Lazy CK gear, whether it be shirt, caps, signed DVD’s, etc. Tom may not always hunt during this camp, but he sure tries to! He also spends time interviewing the guest hunters on camera for possible TV appearances and camp promos. It’s an experience like none other and definitely something to add to your bucket list!

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Everything at Lazy CK was great – the camp, the staff, the food, and especially the hunting! Every single person at the Ranch gave 110% and it showed. I’m already planning a return trip!”

Teri Quinn

“If you’re looking for an exciting spring bow hunt… Look no further than the Tom Miranda Bowhunting Camp – Texas “Hill Country” … awesome animals, blinds, stands, accommodations and meals fit for a king!”

Tom Miranda