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Types of Exotic Hunts in Texas

The Lazy CK Texas Whitetail Deer & Exotic Hunting Ranch is everything the name says it is, plus so much more. We breed and manage nearly a score of native and exotic animals in large herds, all of them trophies for your taking — assuming you’re up for the challenge!


Lazy CK Ranch: a great Texas hunting ranch


Whitetail deer are our specialty, and we have 7,000 acres of sprawling West Texas Hill Country for you to roam on your exotic hunting trip. From rocky ridges to raging river headwaters to shin oak woods to waving fields of tall grass, the variety of terrain we have to offer makes tracking your prey that much more of an adventure.


As members of the Texas Managed Land Deer (MLD) program, our hunting season starts earlier and lasts longer than the majority of state’s hunting grounds. We host trophy hunts and special herd management hunts for whitetail deer, during which our guides will show you where to find these majestic creatures, identify which animals are open season and help you set up your shot. We’ll even retrieve the animal, have it prepared and packed to take home, then cap the trophy for you.


Exotic hunting in Texas at Lazy CK Ranch


Of course, you’ll encounter more than whitetail deer here at Lazy CK Ranch. We offer not only the best exotic hunting trips in Texas but also pride ourselves on being the best Texas hunting ranch you’ll ever visit. We also offer the most affordable exotic hunts in Texas, with rates starting as low as $1,150 for whitetail trophy hunts and as little as $790 for other exotic animals. We organize hunts in both native and trophy pastures, and rates do increase according to Safari Club International (SCI) scores.


Just how “exotic” are the animals you can hunt at the Lazy CK Whitetail Deer & Exotic Hunting Ranch? Our expertly, humanely managed herds include:


  • Aoudad (also known as Barbary Sheep, native to North Africa).
  • Mouflon (wild sheep most associated with the Mediterranean island of Corsica).
  • The Scimitar Oryx of the Sahara Desert.
  • Eland and Gemsbok, both antelope native to Southern Africa.
  • Ibex (native to the European Alps).
  • South American Rhea (mammoth birds related to the emu and ostrich).
  • Blackbuck, Blackbuck does and Nilgai (antelope) from India.
  • Water Buffaloes from Asia.
  • Blue Wildebeests from Africa.
  • Texas Dall, Painted Desert and Black Hawaiian Sheep.
  • A variety of other deer beyond Classic and special Trophy Whitetails, including Axis Does and Bucks, Red Stag, Fallow, Fallow does and the Japanese Sika.


And if all of that is not enough to convince you, your friends, your family, your co-workers or your clients, our hunting grounds are also home to a fully stocked four-acre bass lake, several fishing ponds, and a clay target and shooting range. Meanwhile, you can recharge (and reload) at our state-of-the-art lodge that offers all of the comforts and amenities you’d expect from a modern vacation destination, such as a fully outfitted recreation center, a stocked bar, and game room and high-speed WiFi. Lodging at Lazy CK Ranch is cozy as well, with beautifully appointed rooms that come complete with air conditioning and private baths. That’s not to mention our comprehensive commercial kitchen and adjoining dining hall where we serve guests wholesome favorites in a style we call “Hill Country Delightful.”


So, what are you waiting for? Book your exotic hunting trip today. Our highly trained, dedicated and knowledgeable staff are eager to do everything they can to ensure that, whatever adventure you and your hunting party embark on, it will be one you’ll remember for years to come.

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